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  • Access to a large market: With easy access to important markets like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh is strategically located in North India. As a result, businesses may see an increase in revenues and market penetration.
  • Skilled workforce: With numerous renowned educational institutions in the city, it has a highly skilled and competent workforce. This can save businesses on recruitment and training costs by assisting them in finding skilled and qualified personnel for their operations
  • Favourable business environment: The Chandigarh government provides a range of subsidies and incentives to encourage investment in the pharmaceutical industry. This comprises allotments of land, tax exemptions, and capital investment subsidies. This can lower operating expenses for businesses and increase their profitability.
  • Availability of infrastructure: The region has a well-developed infrastructure in terms of transportation, communication, and utilities. This can assist businesses in streamlining their operations and reducing logistics costs.
  • Research and development opportunities: The extensive network of hospitals and research facilities in Chandigarh offers many chances for partnerships and cooperation. This can help companies develop innovative products and technologies, enhancing their competitiveness.
  • Upcoming Bulk Drug Park in Una: The new bulk drug park is coming up in Haroli in Una district, nearly 126 km from Chandigarh. It will help in the production of quality raw materials and also bring down the cost of manufacturing bulk drugs.
  • Quality of life: Chandigarh is known for its high standard of living, with modern amenities, good healthcare facilities, and a clean and green environment. This can help companies attract and retain talented professionals, improving their competitiveness.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Presenting Sponsor INR 25 Lakh
  • Platinum Sponsor INR 20 Lakh
  • Gold Sponsor INR 17 Lakh
  • Silver Sponsor INR 9 Lakh
  • Technology Showcase INR 6 LAKH
  • Power Discussion INR 7 LAKH
  • Awards Sponsor INR 16 LAKHS

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